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Louise Hay – Why We Need to Forgive

Forgiveness wipes the slate clean, so that other things can come in.

That’s a quote from Louise Hay from this transforming video.

Love, forgiveness and self-acceptance are the most powerful gifts anybody can give themselves.

But getting to a point where you can turn off the background negativity isn’t always easy…

You know what I mean, the voice in your head that’s constantly reminding you “You’re not smart enough”, “Who do you think you are?”, “You’re not lovable”, “You can’t be successful”. The words that fuel your belief of “I’m not good enough”. These types of comments severely limit our ability to fully express who we are and live the life we want.

In this video Louise Hay shares her personal struggle with growing up feeling that she wasn’t good enough. She opens up about how she struggled emotionally, and how a particularly traumatic incident from when she was 5 years old still impacts her 80+ years later.

At about the 3 minute mark, Louise talks about why we need to look at the truth of what’s going on in our life. Not everything in life is positive, so we can’t expect to think only positive thoughts all the time.

In this rare interview, Louise Hay sits down with Nick Ortner, producer of the upcoming 9th Annual Tapping World Summit, and shares why she believes Tapping is such an important self-care technique and why you should use it. The end is especially powerful as Louise herself takes you through an extremely meditative Tapping process that brings her to tears of happiness, and just may do the same for you!

Watch, tap along with Louise, share in her on-camera Tapping experience and have your own experience with this weird looking technique called Tapping. Don’t knock it until you try it.

This is part of the promotion for the upcoming Tapping World Summit which starts on 27 February. All Summit sessions are packed full of educational content and include hands-on experiences. And they’re FREE for 24 hours.

To allowing self-acceptance

PS Through this video you’ll also learn Louise’s secrets for using Tapping to allow forgiveness, love and self-acceptance into your life, so that you can be free of the things from your past that are holding you back.

Rewire your brain

Is your brain wired for negative thinking?

A lot of people beat themselves up over “negative thinking.” They feel frustrated with constantly feeling like they can’t get out of patterns of negative emotions like anger, sadness, loneliness, fear, guilt or shame. Rewire your brain and change your thinking.

While it is true that in order to create the life we want, we need to change our thinking to be more positive. We also need to change our emotions but there’s more to the picture than meets the eye. To change how you think and feel and achieve your goals, you need to rewire your brain.

What most people don’t realise is that negative thinking and negative emotional patterns are actually hard-wired into the brain. These patterns are held in one of the most ancient parts of the brain.  Negative thinking specifically is there for a very important reason.

If you want to eliminate your negative thinking and negative emotions, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video. It could change your life.

This video was just put out by New York Times best selling author Nick Ortner from the Tapping Solution. It shares fascinating information about this primitive part of the brain that holds us back, why it’s not your fault if you think negatively and what you can do about it.

In the video Nick shows you how you can use a technique known as EFT Tapping to rewire the neuropathways of the brain to create the life you want. And it’s been scientifically proven to do so.

He takes you through a simple yet powerful Tapping process that will have you instantly feeling positive, energised and empowered to move your life in the direction you want.

The reality is negative thinking is hard-wired in our brain for a reason and it’s not easy to overcome unless you have a technique or tool to shift it.  If you feel you get stuck in patterns of negative thinking, take a breath and know that it’s not your fault.

But know that there IS something you can do about it.  In this video you’ll learn how to use EFT Tapping to get past this primitive part of the brain and remove the negative thinking, limiting beliefs and chronic negative emotions that stifle your ability to grow and create the life you want.



P.S. Nick is releasing this video as part of the lead up to his 9th Annual Tapping World Summit starting on February 27th. This event has been attended by over 2 million people over the last 8 years.  It’s a life-transforming event you don’t want to miss out on. Registrations are opening soon. All sessions are packed full of educational content, include hands-on experiences and are FREE for 24 hours.

Tapping World Summit

Registration now open for the 2015 Tapping World Summit

As you know if you’ve spent more than 5 minutes online looking for information to change your life, there is a lot of stuff out there. Much of it is theoretical, processes and ideas that sound good, but at the end of the day, they don’t give you RESULTS.

And if I’m about one thing, it’s RESULTS.

What I want to share with you today delivers such tremendous results, and so quickly that it falls into the “I can’t believe this works so well” category.

It’s a technique called Tapping (or EFT) and if you’ve been paying attention to all the buzz lately around the 2015 Tapping World Summit – the 7th annual event – you’re probably curious to learn more about it.

I’m excited to tell you that registration for this event, the 2015 Tapping World Summit is now open. And it’s FREE! You get to listen to two interviews packed with content and processes each day for 10 days.

I highly recommend checking out the page below to learn all about it, and about why you need to attend this massive free online event.

Whether you want to deal with emotional blocks, anxiety, anger, past traumas or phobias, or you want to release physical pain or lose those extra inches, this technique is a gateway to making that happen for you.

It can help you in a big way, attract what you want into your life by clearing out the negative and limiting beliefs you may be holding.

Perhaps the best part about this technique is that you can receive a crash course, and experience immediate results, all for free. And it only takes a couple of minutes.

So join the over 500,000 people who registered for the Tapping World Summit last year and saw their lives change. I’ve been following this for the past six years and it just gets bigger and better each year.

Register here.

Please let me know about your individual results, because hearing these stories of change and transformation is what makes my day!

Kaye Hazel

P.S. When you register for the event you actually get two really cool audios to listen to right away, so that you can learn the basics of Tapping and see the results for yourself immediately.

To learn more about EFT Tapping and about the 2015 Tapping World Summit click on the link below. I look forward to hearing your stories of transformation. 🙂 

Tapping to feel calm and relaxed

Tapping Meditations to feel calm and relaxed

Would you like to feel calm, relaxed and at peace?

Do you feel that you’re just not good enough?

Would you like to overcome procrastination?

If any of these things hit a nerve for you, if you answered yes to any of them, you must watch these tapping meditations and follow along. It’s simple. It only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll learn a powerful technique that can change your life.

In this fast paced world we live in, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Not enough time, energy, money or …fill in the blank… to do the things we want or need to do, the things we didn’t get done, the things we think we should do. We all live stressful lives. Wouldn’t it feel great if we could go about our day feeling calm and relaxed? We’d actually get more things done and enjoy our day more!

I know we don’t always feel calm throughout our stress-filled days and there’s a myriad of reasons why. Because life happens! But when we are in the midst of that crisis at home or at work, or in even traffic, wouldn’t it be good to have a technique that calmed us down? In minutes! When we are calm, we make better decisions, we problem solve much easier and more efficiently.


From overwhelm to calm

I’ve included links to three powerful resources – three tapping meditations – that you can use today and at any time to help you reduce your stress and feel calm, relaxed and at peace; to overcome procrastination and to feel and know that you are always enough. You can access these free tapping meditations now – just follow the links. I’d recommend you download them so you can use them at any time you need them.

These resources are all Tapping Meditations. If you’ve never heard of a Tapping Meditation, it’s a powerful process that combines traditional meditation with Tapping, a technique which has been scientifically proven to send calming signals to the amygdala (the stress / fear / emotional centre) in the brain. And it works! You can find out more about tapping here. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor and quiet your mind – it’s not that kind of meditation! 

In these meditations you’ll get to follow along as New York Times best-selling author of “The Tapping Solution” Nick Ortner guides you through three calming and empowering processes.  

The three meditations that you can access immediately are:

  1. From Overwhelm to Calm
    Something that we can all use on a daily basis!
  2. Releasing Feelings of Not Being Enough
    A huge and very common challenge.
  3. Overcoming Procrastination
    A big challenge that we all face in getting what we want done in life.

Just go here to access them now or click on the pictures below.


What’s incredible about Tapping Meditations is that they not only help you to feel calm and balanced, they also help you to release deep core issues that you may be dealing with.

Enjoy these meditations.  I know they can be a great resource for you. 

Kaye Hazel

P.S. These meditations, along with two other videos are being released as part of the lead up to an amazing event known as the Tapping World Summit. 

This year’s event, which is the 7th annual event starts on February 23rd. It takes you through 10 days of FREE presentations – two each day – where you get to learn from the world’s leading Tapping experts on a variety of topics. Over one million people have attended this event over the last six years! I can’t recommend this event enough as it will be full of useful and life-changing content. I’ve been a fan of this event since I discovered it six years ago.

But until the event starts, make sure to access the meditations by going here.

Tapping can change your life

Learn how Tapping can change your life. 

I just watched a short video – it’s actually a trailer for a ground-breaking new book, that opens with this powerful statement:

“In my darkest year, I discovered tapping and miraculously, this unorthodox approach to making sense of my life moved me out of the fog and into the sunshine…” 

You can watch the video here. 

It reminded me about how WE have the power, each and every day, to completely transform our lives. Are you ready for tapping to change your life? 

The book titled “The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living” was written by tapping expert Nick Ortner and was just released this week by Hay House Publishing. 

Tapping Solution book

The movie has the same name as Nick’s extremely popular film The Tapping Solution, which has sold over 90,000 copies worldwide, but the book is very different from the film. This new book will take you step-by-step through a transformative process that will improve your life in ways you never thought possible. It uses both beginner and advanced tapping techniques.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably at least heard about EFT Tapping. This technique, a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology, is getting life-altering results for people around the world.  

If you’ve never heard of tapping before, then I urge you to explore the short video and explanation on this page.  

And if you’ve already experienced tapping, maybe tried it a couple of times and forgot about it, or even if you consider yourself an expert tapper who just wants to take their practice to the next level, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Nick’s new book, “The Tapping Solution.” The book contains some amazing new distinctions about how Tapping can change your life and be most effective for you today.  

Already a #1 Amazon bestseller for Stress Management, “The Tapping Solution” is an in-depth exploration into how you can use tapping to change YOUR life. 

This book offers you the opportunity to drastically improve your life in ways such as… 

  • Releasing the stress from your body and mind
  • Finally having lasting weight loss
  • Creating financial success
  • Eliminating physical pain from your body
  • Letting go of fear, guilt, shame and other negative emotions that hold you back
  • Improving your ability to think clearly, allowing you to make better decisions in all areas of your life
  • Eliminating phobias
  • Releasing any hurt and trauma from painful events in your past
  • Attracting the partner and relationship of your dreams
  • Finally sleeping well at night
  • And much, much more…


Here’s what I love about this new book 

  • For starters, during the launch period for his new book, Nick is giving away some amazing bonuses for anybody who picks up the book online, and some even more ridiculous bonuses for those that actually go into a book store to pick it up.  

You can check them all out here.

  •  If you’ve ever doubted for a second whether Tapping works or not, then you need to read the latest science and research that is shared in this book because it will amaze you. It will have you (and those around you who wonder about Tapping) going, “Duh, of course it works!”  
  • The book comes highly recommended by a number of experts who were given the opportunity to read it before it’s release.  

It is recommended by personal development leaders, doctors and psychologists like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Eric Robbins, Dr David Feinstein, Kris Carr, Dr Christiane Northrup, Joe Vitale, Arielle Ford, Chip Conley, the list goes on and on… (you can read what these experts have said about the book on this page). 

  • Nick is donating 100% of his royalties from sales of the book right now to the Tapping Solution for Newtown: Stress and Trauma Relief Project, helping those most affected by the December 14th school shooting (Nick actually lives in Newtown, CT) 

He has already donated over $10,000 to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation (started by Scarlett Lewis, who lost her son Jesse in that tragic event) from presales of the book. You can see a video of Nick and Scarlett on the page here 

  • It’s an easy-to-read and extremely enjoyable book that can have a profound impact on your life today. 

This book is a must-have for everybody.  It’s sure to be a classic that people refer to for years.

I encourage you to pick up a copy today, explore what’s possible for you and start transforming your life now.

P.S. All of the extremely valuable bonuses are only being offered for a limited time during this launch period for the book, so make sure to pick up a copy right away. 

The bonuses alone, including the four live 90 minute calls on money, pain relief, relationships and weight loss are more than worth the price of the book. 

<<Check it out here>> 

2013 Tapping World Summit ~ register NOW

Last Chance for This Amazing Event of the 2013 Tapping World Summit – It Starts Tonight 

I wanted to send you a last chance reminder that I highly recommend taking action on The 5th annual 2013 Tapping World Summit starts today, which means that this is your last chance to register for this 100% fr*ee online event before it starts.

To register for this event right now just click here

All the recordings for the Summit are offered for fr*ee for a limited time.

If you miss any of the recordings or want to listen to them again at any time, there is a phenomenal upgrade option, where you can own the recordings for the event in MP3 or CD format and also get the 200+ page workbook, the transcripts for the presentations and a number of powerful bonuses.  

And this year, since there was such amazing feedback on the pre-event video series which featured Louise Hay, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Nick Ortner,  the producers of the event decided to make the three pre-event videos, along with the remaining 10 videos in the Tapping World Summit Video Series, available as a special pre-event bonus for all those who upgrade before the event starts on February 4th 2013.   

So this is a last chance reminder that if you want to own the entire 14 videos in the series, which include over 8 hours of streaming or downloadable video with experts Nick Ortner, Louise Hay, Dr. Mark Hyman, Kris Carr, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton, Cheryl Richardson, Joe Vitale, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Carol Look, Patricia Carrington, Carol Tuttle and Dawson Church, you need to make sure to take action right away.

The best part of this is that since there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee there is zero risk involved in upgrading today. And if you do decide to ask for a refund (unlikely that you’ll want to once you listen to the information) then you’ll still get to keep the amazing video and audio bonuses.  

To get more details on the event, the upgrade bonuses and the limited time pre-event video bonuses, just click on this link now. You’ll need to register first for the online live event, if you haven’t done so already, to see the video bonuses and the upgrade option.

I hope you decide to take advantage of the limited time video bonuses and upgrade before the event starts.  

The Tapping World Summit upgrade options alone are ridiculous values (the platinum upgrade comes with 23 CDs, a 200 page workbook, transcripts and 10 audio bonuses) and when you add on these great video bonuses, upgrading becomes a no brainer… Register here.   

Over 210,000 new people have already registered for this massive online event in the last couple of weeks!  

EFT is a one-of-a-kind technique that creates life-altering results for those who use it. Register, listen, tap along and find out for yourself who life changing this technique can be. I’d love to hear your stories and breakthroughs in the comments section below.  

Enjoy the event.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Love and light 

P.S. Here is some of the feedback from previous year’s summits, just to give you an idea of what people think about this event. 

“What a wonderful ten days! I need to tap on withdrawals from missing the interviews. Jessica was a fabulous interviewer, asking just what I wanted to know at the right time.” -Suzanne Wright – Oregon, USA  

“I hope you guys can somehow hear the thunderous applause that is surely circling the world for you right now. This was a DYNAMITE event, and this grand finale with Jessica today was just fantastic. You guys are the absolute best, you have given phenomenal gifts here with each presentation, and may you receive a thousand blessings in return. EFT has never come alive for me the way you’ve made it do in these last ten days. I am very, very grateful, and yes, I will keep tapping and will tell you what lights come on, what doors open in the coming months.” ~With much love, Natasha Suter – Ithaca, New York

“This trip has been amazing. I am so thankful that you gave me the opportunity to be a part of this, and I will continue to tap – and maybe take an education in EFT later on. Fantastic. A few weeks ago I tapped on hip pain, and it disappeared within a couple of minutes!! Every session have been useful to me, and I will look more into it (I have written it all down) when I finish my education in September. Jessica’s 40 day tapping challenge will be done. Her “mystery bonus audio” was a special experience. It helped me see a lot of experiences/feelings to tap on.” ~ Merete – Bodo, Norway

OMG! That summit was amazing! I just wanted to say thank you, thank you! I knew about EFT from when I was in LA but I now know so much more and I had ah-ha moments almost everyday! especially the one series about Highly Sensitive People – which I found out I am and have been beating myself up about it forever! Now I know how to tap for it and realize its a blessing to be so connected to my feelings and intuition! “I loved, loved, loved the whole series! you are so kind to put all of this information out there and for free- I know this is huge for me and for the world! I can sense huge changes a-brewing! I kinda miss it already! Tell Jessica I am doing the 40 day challenge… this is exciting… who knows where I will be in 40 days! Thank you again!” ~ Love, Christine en route to New York City, NY USA

Register now!!