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Do you LOVE yourself?

Do you know how to love yourself unconditionally?

What if the key to financial abundance, great health and happiness was to truly love yourself?

Are you blocking yourself from receiving all that you are meant to be in this world?

Are you limiting yourself in some way but don’t know how – or how to shift this?

Are you ready to stop playing small and to love yourself unconditionally?


Rikka - love activates image


Do you ever wish you could BE happier, FEEL happier and LIVE happier?

If so, I have great news for you!

My friend and colleague, Rikka Zimmerman, self-love expert, has just let us in on a powerful secret: Self-love is the real key to happiness, fulfilment, abundance and success in every area of your life.

Rikka’s 30-Sec Self-Love Quiz <<< Do You Love YOU? Take It Now To Find Out!

Knowing where you are now in the self-love journey is the crucial first step toward creating the life of your dreams. If you haven’t achieved a depth of self-love in yourself yet, then you may be holding yourself back from achieving so much more – like a healthy, vibrant body; like solid, loving relationships with your soul mate, your friends, and your family members; as well as financial and business success!

Most people experience at least 1 of 3 main blocks to self-love, and when you take this quiz, you’ll discover which of them has been in the way of you reaching the joyful, loving dream life that is yours for the having!


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I’ve been following Rikka for a few years now and I highly recommend her – I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do. Be prepared to experience a profound shift in your being, through the soul-touching wisdom that is embedded in her playful vibrancy. Supporting people just like you, to overcome blocks and achieve higher levels of self-love is her absolute passion.


Rikka Zimmerman


When you take this quiz, you’ll receive customized results that you can use right away in your life to begin transforming your entire existence into what you TRULY want it to be.

Here’s the link again where you can complete “The 30-Second Self-Love Quiz: Reveal Your #1 Block to Receiving”

Do You Love YOU? << Find Out!

To loving yourself


P.S. This quiz is *free* and it only takes 30 seconds! Just by taking it you will receive an amazing video series from Rikka that is designed to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary! Take the quiz and be ready to receive a whole new vibration of self-love!

P.P.S. Feel free to forward this information on to your friends and family members! Just be sure to take the quiz yourself, here


Authenticity ~ Living Your Truth

Authenticity, noun ~ undisputed credibility, genuineness, legitimacy, believability, credibility – the quality of being believable or trustworthy. 

earth glow2013 is a year of Authenticity. Since the beginning of the Aquarian Age following the 21 December 2012 solstice, the Earth has been flooded with more light. This light illuminates everything on Earth and will reach even the darkest of places. Where there is light, there can be no darkness, because the darkness is transformed.  

That which is of a lower vibrating energy will be illuminated this year for all to see. That which has been hidden will be exposed. No one is immune to the light. There is nowhere to hide. Scandals will be exposed, involving governments, corporations, businesses, celebrities and possibly even friends and acquaintances. OK, I hear you saying, scandals involving celebrities are nothing new!   

Are you living your truth? Now is the time for you to consider bringing more light into your life and illuminate any fear, guilt and shame you may have, and move into a more authentic life. 

How can we bring light into our life? We simply do this through our intention. What does this mean? If we think of light as love, we can consciously choose to breath in love and bring this into our body. We can align with the vibration of love by feeling love in our hearts. 

Think of someone or a pet you love unconditionally or remember a time in your life when you felt loved by another and bring the feeling of this love into your body. Practice this feeling as often as you can with the aim of living there all the time, and your life will change.  

bears and book

When you are in the vibration of love, you can shift many things in your life, such as your health, your relationships and even your finances. When you are living at this vibration of love, you also raise the vibration of others around you. Life becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling. 

As fear can not co-exist in the presence of light and love, we can shine the light on our fears and see them dissolve. Keeping our fears hidden can be draining on our energy and on our health. We spend more energy trying to hide our fears than we can afford.  

Fears are a projection of something in the future; something that may or may not happen. They are based in the past – past thoughts, beliefs and experiences. So to dissolve our fears, we need to be in the present moment.  

A simple exercise to facilitate this is to name your fears out loud, then immediately bring your attention to the present. You can do this by simply noticing something in front of you such as the coffee cup on your desk, the scene from your window, the picture on the wall – whatever may be right in front of you.  

Bringing your full attention to a part of your body such as your hands, your feet, or your breath is also a good way to be present. You can stroke our hand and really notice how that feels – notice the sensation of touch, warmth, pressure etc. Alternatively you can put your attention on the space between your feet and the floor and notice how that feels. Another technique is to just notice your breath, without trying to control it. Is there a temperature difference between your inhalation and your exhalation? 

These are all techniques to help you be present in the moment. When you are present in the moment, or being mindful, you can not feel fear, just like light and dark can not co-exist. 

scared little boy oldWhen you feel fear creeping back into your mind, allow it to be there, acknowledge it and thank it for showing up for you. Don’t try to push it away or judge yourself for having this feeling, just allow it to be there and accept it as a natural human emotion. 

It will be showing up for a reason. It may have a message for you or it may simply want to be acknowledged so that it can leave your body. 

If at any time, you feel yourself overcome with fear, or even just feel slightly stressed during your day, bring your attention to the present moment and shift your energy into a more peaceful restful state. Your body will thank you for this. It only takes a moment, needs no special equipment and can be practiced anytime and anywhere. 

Releasing your fears and any hidden emotions of shame, guilt or lack (which are all extensions of fear) will help you move into a more authentic you. What have you got to lose? Now is the time for you to start living your truth as the Universe is supporting you.

Louise Hay ~ Forgiveness Can Transform Your Life


“Forgiveness wipes the slate clean, so that other things can come in.”

That’s a quote of Louise Hay from this transforming video that I think you should see here:



Louise L Hay talks candidly with Nick Ortner


Love, forgiveness and self-acceptance are the most powerful gifts anybody can give themselves.


But getting to a point where you can turn off the background negativity isn’t always easy…   You know what I mean, the “I’m not smart enough”, “Who do I think I am?”, “I’m not lovable”, “I can’t be successful” type of comments. These types of comments severely limit our ability to fully express who we are and live the life we want. In this video, Louise will share with you her personal struggle with growing up feeling that she wasn’t good enough.


She’ll open up about how she struggled emotionally and share a particularly traumatic incident from when she was 5 years old when her stepfather was holding her head under water and how it was affecting her 81 years later. 


In this rare video interview, Louise Hay sits down with Nick Ortner, producer of the upcoming 5th Annual Tapping World Summit, and shares why she believes Tapping is such an important self-care technique and why you should use it.


Watch this video, tap along with Louise, share in her on-camera Tapping experience and have your own experience as you tap along with her.


The last 10 minutes are especially powerful as Louise herself takes you through an extremely meditative Tapping process that brings her to tears of happiness. It just may do the same for you! 




To allowing self-acceptance,


Kaye Hazel


P.S. Through this video you’ll also learn Louise’s secrets for using Tapping to allow forgiveness, love and self-acceptance into your life, so that you can be free of the things from your past that are holding you back.


If you want to create the life of your dreams, I believe this video to be an important step in that process.



P.P.S.  At about the 3 minute mark Louise talks about why somebody should look at the truth of what’s going on in their life.

What she says is one of the most profound and eye-opening explanations I’ve ever heard on this topic of positive focus versus negative focus when Tapping.  You’re going to love what she says!  


Click here to watch this insightful video now.


What other transformational leaders are saying about Tapping:


Dr. Wayne Dyer recently said “Put away your skepticism, this really works…I’ve had great results with tapping in my own life.”


Jack Canfield calls it  “the most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years”


Lissa Rankin M.D. says “For those seeking a prescription for eliminating limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs that lead to fear, anxiety, and chronic illness, look no further than The Tapping Solution.”