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Releasing Guilt

Today’s message from the angels is about Innocence. Everyone is free of guilt in truth as no one can alter the handiwork of perfection. The angels ask you to give them your feelings of heaviness so they can lighten your load. Give them any guilt, anger or blame that may shroud your loving outlook. Enjoy the peace within your heart once more.

This card comes with reassurance that the people and situation involved are not guilty. If you’ve been harbouring guilt about anything, release it to the angels. The emotion of guilt has a very low vibration and it attracts negativity. If you’re judging others as guilty, this card reminds you to see the good – the godliness – within them to heal the situation.

You don’t have to continue a relationship with anyone you don’t trust or don’t like, however it’s necessary to purge toxic thoughts and emotions for your own health and well-being. Staying angry with them and continuing to judge them as wrong or guilty, is adversely affecting your health more than it’s impacting them. It’s like drinking poison and hoping they will be harmed, when in fact, the only person you are harming, is yourself. You are responsible for your own feelings and your own happiness.

Daily Guidance - releasing guiltHas there been a misunderstanding? The angels ask you to consider whether any misunderstandings may have been an innocent mistake. Check in with yourself about what you believe they did or didn’t do, and ask yourself “Is that true?” Is your interpretation of the event or behaviour really true?

What if there is a different meaning to what you assigned to the event? Consider possible reasons that are unknown or not understood by you, that if you did know or understand at the time, may have resulted in you forming a different interpretation or assigning a different meaning to the event. Be open to other possibilities. Was it a misunderstanding? A misinterpretation?

The angels ask you to try to see the other person’s point of view. What if they were doing the best they knew how? What if they were doing what they thought was right or acceptable given the input they had and their own interpretation of events and the meaning they have assigned to things. What if no one is wrong? What if no one is to blame?

Honour and love your inner child and the meanings (s)he has assigned to past events. Your inner child was doing the best (s)he could at the time, the best to protect you and keep you safe. Everyone has their on inner child who has been hurt and who acted the best way they knew how at the time, which may be very different to how you would act today. Honour the inner child within others as well. Look past surface illusions and see the underlying spiritual truth of perfection, the innocence of perfection, and the divine order of the universe.

Forgive yourself and release regrets. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The angels see you as the perfection you truly are. They see your beautiful innocence, a soul free of guilt.

Releasing Worries

Today’s message from the angels comes via Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy oracle card deck and is about releasing worries. “God Box” Write any worries, concerns or desires on a piece of paper that you put into a special container called a ‘God Box’ (or whatever you want to call it, perhaps an Angel Jar) as a way of letting go and allowing the Divine to help you.

Releasing worries with a God Box

As always, this is a perfect card for today as the energies of the full moon eclipse last night may have left many of us feeling a bit out of kilter, even frustrated or confused. Eclipses can act like a reset button, helping us get back on our path, so on the day after an eclipse, we can feel a bit off or lost. Writing out our concerns, worries or frustrations can help us gain clarity about how we’re feeling, as well as give us the opportunity to release them by surrendering any need to control things or fix anything. Feel the feelings – without judgement – and allow the Universe to help you with a solution. Trust that the Universe has your back.

Write yourself a prescription for releasing worries

Writing down our concerns or even prayer requests gives us something physical and practical to do as a way of surrendering and releasing worries. This gives us a tangible process to be able to hand it over to the angels. Write from your heart. Be sincere and honest about your feelings. Notice what you’re feeling (without judgement), name it (to claim it and reduce its power over you), and feel it (give it permission to be there or to leave). Don’t try to force it to leave – you can’t will it to go. Don’t try to fix anything. You can’t find a solution when you’re stuck in the same energy that created the problem.

According to Doreen, God Boxes (these are her words, don’t get stuck on the name – name them whatever you like) are time-honoured tools for gaining peace of mind and answers to your prayers. If you don’t already have a container specifically to be used for this purpose, now is the time to find one – buy, make or adapt one. Choose an ornate container that evokes a sense of mystic or majesty, such as a royal purple box or one decorated with crystals that speak to you. You can have fun rummaging through a secondhand shop to find that perfect unique and interesting glass or china jar (it doesn’t have to be an actual box). Ask your angels to guide you to a wonderful God/Angel Box then follow their guidance to find or make the container that is right for you. Place your box/jar in a place where you can easily see it and have access to it.

The purpose of this exercise is to write down your worries on a piece of paper and symbolically ‘give’ it to the angels or the Universe; symbolically releasing your worries. Alternatively, instead of putting your piece of paper in a God / Angel Box, you can burn it (safely) which releases sit to the Universe, bury it which helps with emotional healing or even put it in the freezer which stops the situation from progressing.

The Power of Surrender

Today, with a full moon eclipse in Libra is a great day to surrender, to forgive and to be grateful. Emotionally decluttering, forgiving everyone and everything we haven’t yet forgiven and being grateful for past experiences (teachings) allows us to plant seeds of desire and move a step closer to the life of our dreams. To finding the peace we seek.

Most of this year is under the influence of Saturn and Neptune with Jupiter coming into play at the moment as well. This means we are being supported by the planets to make changes in our lives, to release and transcend old patterns that no longer serve us, in a way that is gently powerful. To surrender in a way that we may not have thought about before. Resistance falls away paving the path for us to know ourselves on a deeper level, to feel inspired about our life and to let go where needed.

The Power of Surrender

To support us in surrendering during this time of transparency and transcendence and to allow that which is no longer needed to wash away from our energy field, I have chosen a card for the week from Judith Orloff’s card deck The Power of Surrender. A message to transform your life by letting go.

The card I have chosen is relevant to you because you’re reading this now.

The card is Surrender the Habit of People-Pleasing. Speak your needs and be true to yourself. Focus on your own happiness instead of always trying to please others. It’s not your role to make others happy. It’s your role to enjoy your own life and to be accountable for your own happiness.

Feeling good or seeking pleasure is not something you need to earn or wait for someone else to give you permission. Being unhappy can’t make another person happy. Happiness is a choice and occurs in the present moment. In each and every moment, we can choose to be happy no matter what. Give yourself permission to be happy now, to enjoy everything you do and to seek out pleasurably experiences. Have fun now! Put yourself first and surrender the habit of pleasing others before yourself. You deserve it. Allow old habits to wash away with the waning of the full moon.

finding peace in surrender IMG_9691

Releasing weight is an emotional issue

Is your weight an emotional issue?

The Biological Weight Loss Trap:

Why most people struggle to lose weight and how you can use EFT Tapping today to finally lose weight faster than you ever thought possible!

When you think about how to release extra weight, what are the first things you think of?

Eating better and exercising, right?

You are probably also thinking about food restrictions, sweaty workouts and not-another-diet.


I know that’s what most people think of, but as EFT Tapping Expert Jessica Ortner says…

“Focusing on diet and exercise FIRST when trying to release weight, is absolutely the wrong approach. It’s not that diet and exercise don’t matter, it’s that the ability to eat well, exercise, and feel safe releasing weight are all run unconsciously in your brain, and if your brain isn’t wired the way you want it to be, then you’re just setting yourself up for failure.  If you’ve struggled and gone from diet to diet, you’re likely to continue the trend UNLESS you get to the root of the problem.”  

Jessica has been taking a much different approach towards helping women and she’s been getting some amazingly good results.

And the latest science and research is proving exactly why her approach works so well!

Jessica is sharing details about the approach she has used with over 4,000 women over the last year alone, using EFT Tapping to help them find and overcome the unconscious emotions, beliefs, traumas and more that keep women from releasing weight, in a webinar presentation that she’s running this week only.

If you’ve never heard about Tapping, she’ll explain exactly what it is, how it works and why so many people are using it today with powerful results.

I highly recommend checking this webinar out now.

Here’s some of what Jessica is sharing in these content-packed presentations:

On the science and research:

  • What goes on in the body biologically with negative emotions like stress, anxiety and overwhelm and the specifics of how they effect your we*ght (How it affects digestion, blood vessels and brain function is fascinating!)  
  • What happens in your brain that causes you to overeat when you are emotional (and how to counteract this)
  • Why people yo-yo with diets and why they actually put on more weight when going from diet to diet


And here is some of what she’ll cover on how to use Tapping for Weight Loss:

  • How to pinpoint your underlying unconscious blocks to releasing weight and then eliminate them with Tapping
  • How both large and small past traumatic events (some that you might not even remember) can keep you from feeling safe to lose weight.  (And she’ll show you how to release these traumas with Tapping)
  • How to use Tapping to make any nutritional or exercise program work for you!
  • And so much more…


You can view the webinar here


Jessica is extremely passionate about this subject because of her own previous struggle with her weight. She is also extremely knowledgeable on the subject. 

She’s the author of a new book being released in May called “The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence” which is already getting incredible reviews from early reviewers like Cheryl Richardson, Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr Lissa Rankin, Dr Mark Hyman, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marci Shimoff and many others. 

Please be sure to look out for that book next month. 

But for now, make sure to check out this incredible webinar presentation, happening this week only:

Every woman deserves to be happy and confident in her body, including you.

I think that this presentation can help you get there.   


P.S. – Here are two of the hundreds of emails Jessica has received from clients she has worked with about her approach:

The results were DRAMATIC. I stopped wanting and eating sugar. I began to WANT to exercise. I lost 11 lbs. within just 2 months. After 5 more months, I’d lost another 7 lbs. The day after New Year’s, I stepped on a scale and I had lost another pound instead of gaining anything. In the year since, I have not dieted or restricted food AT ALL!”
-Rhonda Robinson

I have struggled for over 15 years with weight fluctuations and emotional issues surrounding food and body image. Through working with Jessica, I was able to discover the root cause of my eating/body issues and understand how to move forward. Not only is there a physical transformation, but also a significant emotional weight loss as well…”
-Christine Haskin

What are you waiting for?… view the webinar now

Holding Onto Stuff

Are you holding onto stuff from your past? packing boxes

We hold onto things we think we might need one day or things that remind us of good times in our lives.

Over the years, we can accumulate a lot of stuff. Stuff like:    

  • that pair of jeans that we looked great in fifteen years ago ….  we might fit into them again one day 
  • that pair of socks we got as a gift with purchase …. we added them to our other 25 pairs of rarely worn socks  
  • that crepe maker we used once …. but might use again some day  
  • that half used bottle of perfume … we used to like it   
  • our wedding dress …. can’t bear to toss it or give it away 
  • our high school uniform signed by our classmates …. even though we haven’t heard from any of them in thirty years 
  • those letters we wrote to our boyfriend when we were teenagers …. even though we married him 30 years ago 
  • all those little kitchen gadgets we got from Tupperware parties … you never know when you might need to hull a strawberry or ball a melon, or use all those other things that you don’t know what they are for.   

We all have stuff we hang onto. I’m sure you have stuff just like those things on my list. Much of our stuff is something we no longer need, or we never needed in the first place. But we think we might use one day. We hang onto it, just in case. Other stuff may be something that is connected to a pleasant memory from our past and we want to hang onto it as a keepsake or reminder. 

Some stuff may have been a gift from a friend or relative and we don’t want to offend that person by throwing the gift away even though we don’t like it or have no use for it. We stuff these things in a bottom drawer, in the back of a cupboard, on top on the wardrobe, under the bed or in a box in the garage. It all goes somewhere where we don’t need to look at it every day.  

After a while, we don’t even notice that overloaded drawer or box, and we forget that we have all that stuff. It is out of sight and out of mind, until something or someone jogs your memory about it.  

It’s not only physical stuff that we hoard, we also hang onto emotional stuff. 

We carry our emotional stuff around with us, often not even realising we are doing this. We think we leave our stuff behind after a traumatic experience, because we move on. But in reality, we hang onto remnants of our life experiences. Unlike the physical stuff that we hold onto, much of our emotional stuff is connected to unpleasant past experiences. But like the physical stuff, we stash it away somewhere out of sight and adopt the attitude of “if we can’t see it, it is no longer there.”  

Because it’s not a conscious decision that we make to trap these emotions in our body, we can’t really be to blame for hoarding them. We don’t even know they’re there. We dealt with the situation the best way we knew how at the time, or how we always deal with unpleasant experiences. We move on with our life. 

These memories have an emotional charge to them and like the attraction of a magnetic charge to metal filings, these memories stick to us.  We store them away for later like that old pair of jeans. But we don’t store our emotions in the back of a cupboard or under the bed, rather they get stored in our body. They end up in any part of our body which is open to receiving them. 

We keep adding to our stuff as we move through life and pretty soon, this storage container of our body gets overloaded and can’t hold anymore. Stuff starts to spill out of it like that overful shoebox under the bed. This overflow can be a slow seepage that goes unrecognised for awhile, or it can erupt like a volcano. This spillage of our stored emotions manifests as pain, a nervous disorder or a dis-ease.

Our body just can’t keep holding on to all our stuff and it needs to release some of the tension.

To release the stuff from our body, we need to de-clutter our bodies like we de-clutter and spring clean our homes. We need to get rid of all the stuff we no longer need. This is best done before our body gets overloaded and starts to leak or erupt. There are a number of ways to de-clutter the stuff from our body, and a number of people to help us do this. One way to do this is with the release techniques such as meridian tapping or EFT. Click here for more information about release techniques. 

Once we de-clutter the stuff from our body, we need to make sure we stop accumulating more stuff. We need to be vigilant and adopt a daily practice to clear our energy field so we don’t attract those emotionally charged remnants of life. If we de-magnetise our bodies by having a clear energy field, any emotional remnants we experience in our life will fall off us like the metal filings would without the magnet.

Do you have stuff you need to release from your life?          

hands releasing

Authenticity ~ Living Your Truth

Authenticity, noun ~ undisputed credibility, genuineness, legitimacy, believability, credibility – the quality of being believable or trustworthy. 

earth glow2013 is a year of Authenticity. Since the beginning of the Aquarian Age following the 21 December 2012 solstice, the Earth has been flooded with more light. This light illuminates everything on Earth and will reach even the darkest of places. Where there is light, there can be no darkness, because the darkness is transformed.  

That which is of a lower vibrating energy will be illuminated this year for all to see. That which has been hidden will be exposed. No one is immune to the light. There is nowhere to hide. Scandals will be exposed, involving governments, corporations, businesses, celebrities and possibly even friends and acquaintances. OK, I hear you saying, scandals involving celebrities are nothing new!   

Are you living your truth? Now is the time for you to consider bringing more light into your life and illuminate any fear, guilt and shame you may have, and move into a more authentic life. 

How can we bring light into our life? We simply do this through our intention. What does this mean? If we think of light as love, we can consciously choose to breath in love and bring this into our body. We can align with the vibration of love by feeling love in our hearts. 

Think of someone or a pet you love unconditionally or remember a time in your life when you felt loved by another and bring the feeling of this love into your body. Practice this feeling as often as you can with the aim of living there all the time, and your life will change.  

bears and book

When you are in the vibration of love, you can shift many things in your life, such as your health, your relationships and even your finances. When you are living at this vibration of love, you also raise the vibration of others around you. Life becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling. 

As fear can not co-exist in the presence of light and love, we can shine the light on our fears and see them dissolve. Keeping our fears hidden can be draining on our energy and on our health. We spend more energy trying to hide our fears than we can afford.  

Fears are a projection of something in the future; something that may or may not happen. They are based in the past – past thoughts, beliefs and experiences. So to dissolve our fears, we need to be in the present moment.  

A simple exercise to facilitate this is to name your fears out loud, then immediately bring your attention to the present. You can do this by simply noticing something in front of you such as the coffee cup on your desk, the scene from your window, the picture on the wall – whatever may be right in front of you.  

Bringing your full attention to a part of your body such as your hands, your feet, or your breath is also a good way to be present. You can stroke our hand and really notice how that feels – notice the sensation of touch, warmth, pressure etc. Alternatively you can put your attention on the space between your feet and the floor and notice how that feels. Another technique is to just notice your breath, without trying to control it. Is there a temperature difference between your inhalation and your exhalation? 

These are all techniques to help you be present in the moment. When you are present in the moment, or being mindful, you can not feel fear, just like light and dark can not co-exist. 

scared little boy oldWhen you feel fear creeping back into your mind, allow it to be there, acknowledge it and thank it for showing up for you. Don’t try to push it away or judge yourself for having this feeling, just allow it to be there and accept it as a natural human emotion. 

It will be showing up for a reason. It may have a message for you or it may simply want to be acknowledged so that it can leave your body. 

If at any time, you feel yourself overcome with fear, or even just feel slightly stressed during your day, bring your attention to the present moment and shift your energy into a more peaceful restful state. Your body will thank you for this. It only takes a moment, needs no special equipment and can be practiced anytime and anywhere. 

Releasing your fears and any hidden emotions of shame, guilt or lack (which are all extensions of fear) will help you move into a more authentic you. What have you got to lose? Now is the time for you to start living your truth as the Universe is supporting you.