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It’s Just Your Hormones

It’s Just Your Hormones

© Kaye Hazel 2013

arm stretch

 Everyone says, it’s just your hormones

Need to exercise and strengthen the bones

Tears and tantrums for no reason

Hot and cold, no matter the season

Aches and pains, grumbles and moans


Hot flushes, cold shoulders, I’m quite off my game

The memory is gone, I’m just not the same

Night sweats, poor sleep

I try counting sheep

For this and more, our hormones we blame

glasses on pads

 Hair appears where never before

And where it was, it is no more

Need glasses to read

No longer can breed

These changes, you just can’t ignore

chinese dispensary

What happens to your body is very complex

A weak bladder is one of these effects

Natural therapies, herbs and teas

It’s worth trying these home remedies

When things start to sag, you scream ‘what next?’

man hiding behind hat

So when you’re that age and your hormones run rife

Your husband hides away to stay out of strife

Forget excuses, no need to think twice

Blame it on your hormones is my advice

Accept what it is and get on with your life.


Welcome to Angel Medicine

Welcome to my Angel Medicine website. I am still in the process of getting my website fully functional and I ask for your patience during this time. The purpose of this website is to provide you with access to information and resources to empower you to live a better life.


I understand many of us have experienced suffering in life. It is my life purpose to ease the suffering of others, through empowering and supporting them to live their best possible life. I had been suffering for most of my life following childhood experiences of the death of my parents and of abuse. However, my life was transformed when I released judgement of my past. I want you to know that you do not need to suffer any longer either.


I believe suffering is a choice. While pain is expected in life, suffering is optional. It doesn’t matter how long you have been suffering for, it is never too late to end your suffering. It is never too late to heal. Healing is possible. You owe it to yourself to heal and to love your life, and it is okay to take as long as it takes.


My hope is that it won’t take you as long as it took me. I will be providing tools and techniques through this website to help you ease your suffering and to enjoy life. You deserve to live your best possible life.


Love to all.