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2014 Year of the Horse

2014 Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! The Year of the Wood Horse starts today (31 January 2014) with the new moon, as we wave goodbye to the Year of the Water Snake. The Year of the Horse continues until the new moon on 19 February 2015 when the Year of the Sheep 2015 will be welcomed in.

May the Year of the Horse 2014 support you in all of your endeavours this year.

IMG_7409According to the Hsia calendar, it is the elements of wood sitting on top of fire in this horse year, which represents a supportive and productive year (as wood produces fire). The yang wood energy symbolises stubbornness, sticking to principles, standing steadfast and refusing to compromise. While the powerful energy of fire brings explosions and gun fire. The Horse brings a strong warrior energy, balanced with sensitivity, patience and compassion when treated respectfully.

It will be a powerful year, but not without continuing conflict (wars), explosions, fire and water disasters, and environmental disasters such as oil spills and possibly nuclear disasters. Heated arguments and hot tempers may be easily triggered this year. On a more positive note, the economy (and the stock market) is predicted to recover strongly bringing more optimism. There may be more demands for improved working conditions resulting in industrial disputes. Political struggles continue as people demand more accountability of governments.

1-008According to the Feng Shui energy for this year, the north east of your house or business is under threat of robberies, so please check your security systems especially if your front door faces NE. To help protect this area of your home, you can add symbols of protection including elephants (best with their trunks up) or a rhinoceros (preferably blue) and include the colours blue or black. Add 3 pieces of bamboo in a clear glass vase of water, and ensure it remains healthy throughout the year.

Avoid too much metal, crystals, pottery and the colours gold, silver, white and cream in this area of your home or business. The threat of robbery also applies if you live in the NE area of your town.

Carry a sodalite crystal in your handbag or briefcase and in your car to protect against theft.

IMG_7416On a personal health level, ensure your blood / circulation, heart and kidneys are functioning well as these are under stress this year, as is your immune system. So you may be more likely to get viruses and colds. The lungs and heart may also be susceptible to the strong fire / hot energy (inflammation). Increasing your intake of the anti-inflammatory omega-3 oils may help to cool down any excessive fire energy (inflammation) in your body.


Wishing everyone a wonderful year.

Sending you all my love.

Kaye at Angel Medicine