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Are your beliefs making you older?

Did you know your beliefs can affect your age?

Do you ever feel old?

Ever feel that you can’t do the things you want to do because of your age and health?  That you’re not the spring chicken you used to be.  Or have you ever thought to yourself  I’m too old to do that!

Maybe you’re not saying these things out loud, but we all tend to think these harsh comments to ourselves.  And these harsh comments have a bigger impact on our health and our aging than we realise.

I want to share a video with you that has the ability to add years to your life and more importantly, to dramatically change how old you look and feel.

In this video you’ll hear from New York Times best-selling author Dr Christiane Northrup as she talks about how of our beliefs, our emotions and people in our lives can affect our age.

So, how do we turn on that foundation of youth and make ourselves look and feel younger? 

In this video with Dr Northrup you’ll learn about how new science is proving just how powerful our mind is in preventing (or causing) illness, developing our brains and learning new skills, and with slowing down (or speeding up!) our aging.

And you’ll learn what you can do to actually turn back the hands of time.

Check it out here:

Christiane Northrup and Jessica

 Some of what Dr Northrup talks about in this video includes:

  • Why you should never share your age (she has a very good reason for this and it’s not what you think).
  • The difference between your chronological vs biological age (the good news is you can turn back your biological age!)
  • How to be an “outlier” that lives a longer and healthier life.
  • The three commonalities that all centenarians have in common that let them live past 100 with life and vibrancy. 
  • The “nun study” about dementia that is showing that the symptoms for dementia (and many other illnesses) aren’t as accurate as we think (and how big a role our belief systems actually play in this)
  • Why you need to guard your mind vigilantly when receiving a “diagnosis” because of the effect it alone has on your health. 
  • Any much more!

If you want to slow down the hands of time, watch this video:

Christiane-Northrup TWS 2015

Love Kaye

P.S. This video is being released as part of the lead up to this year’s 7th Annual Tapping World Summit, an amazing event that over 1 million people have attended online over the last 6 years.