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New Beginnings

Flower Therapy Card Reading – New Beginnings and Magnify Your Intentionsbanksia

Today’s Card reading … think of your question or go to the default question … What does the Universe want me to know today?

Your message comes from Banksia and is NEW BEGINNINGS.

Take this as an opportunity to rise from the ashes stronger and more determined. Banksia integrifolia subsp monticola inflorescence Wikipedia

Banksia is the symbol of starting afresh – new beginnings. Know that you are supported by your guides and you are strong enough to move forward. Times may have been tough in the past, but the worst is behind you now. Everything ahead is smoother, more comforting and safe.

Do you need to move on from a toxic relationship, let  go of a depressing career or shift your focus from health concerns to health improvements? Is it time to release the past and embrace the future?

Your second message is from Baby’s Breath and is MAGNIFY YOUR INTENTIONS.

Choose a specific goal to work toward. Your energy is spread out among too many 1-R011ideas. Please bring your focus back to the key intention and let your angels help.

Are your thoughts and goals currently scattered? This message suggests you’re focussing in too many things at once and wearing yourself thin. You are asked to centre yourself and focus your attention on what is your highest priority now.

Baby’s Breath can help you realise your goals, but first you need to be clear about your intent. When you focus your intention and attention on one goal at a time, Mother Nature and the Angels can support you in achieving that goal. You can attain whatever you desire, but only if you tackle your goals one at a time.

Complete step one before moving forward and don’t worry about the future order of things or how things will unfold. Keep bringing your attention back to the present moment; to the here and now. Worrying about things in the future creates anxiety. Worrying about past events creates depression. Live and love in the present moment, for that is all there is.

This message was from the Flower Therapy oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves. 

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