Guided by Angels

Would you like to live a life guided by angels?

IMG_2955SQ-lowWhat if we all had an orchestra of angels, spirit guides and deceased loved ones with us every second of our lives? What if they were only a whisper or a thought away? Patiently waiting for us to ask for their help. On call to guide and support us with any and every aspect of our lives.

What if they wanted to leave us messages? How would they communicate with us? What if we couldn’t hear their words directly, how else could they ‘speak’ to us?

Do you often look down at the footpath and find coins (or notes) at your feet?

Do you turn the radio on or change the station and hear the same song over and over?

Do you find feathers in strange places?

Do you ever notice the same numbers all the time? Like looking at the clock at 11.11 or waking up at 4.44 each morning?

Do you smell the scent of roses or lily of the valley and allow your mind to drift off to a childhood memory of your deceased grandmother?

Do you wake up with a song or tagline from a movie playing in your mind and wonder why you can’t seem to get it out of your mind? 

Do you ever find yourself thinking of someone you haven’t seen for ages and out of the blue you run into them the next day?

Do you know who’s on the phone before you answer it (without looking at the caller ID)? Or before it rings?

Angels, guides and deceased loved ones in other realms are communicating with us all the time. Not everyone hears them as their communication can be via signs and symbols rather than words. Signs like numbers and letters on car number plates, messages on billboards or a sign at the bus stop, or repetitive songs or movies playing in our heads. We notice a sudden change in temperature or smell flowers or your mother’s perfume. We feel safe like someone familiar is standing with us protecting us or like we’re being held or hugged lovingly. 

Many of us dismiss these signs as coincidences, our imagination or we don’t give them a second thought. But what if these were signs from those in the spiritual realm? Messages from those who love us unconditionally and want nothing more than to see us happy.

IMG_2967lowSQWhat if we could ask them for guidance on any aspect of our life? Like asking for help to find the perfect parking space, an ideal babysitter or cleaner or even a new home. Or help in making a decision. Is it time for me to change jobs, to move house or write that book I always wanted to write? Love, relationships, finances, career, health, family – we can ask for guidance and support in every area of our life. When we are open to being guided by angels, miracles can show up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you always had your own private team of supporters? Your own university of mentors, tutors and guardians? Allow yourself to imagine how good this would feel. How good it would be to be guided by angels and spiritual guides. Ask yourself ‘What if’?

Angels can’t intervene in our lives without our express permission because we all have free will. According to Doreen Virtue, the only exception to this is if we are in a life-threatening situation before it is our time to go. They’re there supporting us, wanting to assist us in living a joyous loving life, waiting for us to ask for their help. To do this, we simply only need to ask – in our mind (e.g. just think ‘Angels’) or with our words e.g. “Angels please help me make the best decision about my work.” “Angels, please help me find a parking space outside the pharmacy.” “Angels please guide me to what foods are best for my body at this time.”

Another way to communicate with the angels is through oracle cards. As an Angel Intuitive (certified by Doreen Virtue), I can help you access messages from your angels through an Angel Card reading. I offer personal Angel Card readings and Angel Healings, energy medicine healings guided by Angels. When these two services are combined, you receive an energetic tune up to boost your vitality and messages to guide you on your path.