Angel Medicine Healing

An Angel Medicine Healing session clears your energy field and helps you feel emotionally and mentally refreshed. It’s like a tune-up for your body.

This is a very gentle energy healing, although its effect can be profound. I bring my training and experience in various energy medicine modalities to these sessions and listen to my intuition as I call on the wisdom of the spiritual realm to assist with clearing and balancing your energetic system. This ensures you receive the tune-up that best suits your needs.

An Angel Medicine Healing is like a tune-up for your mind, body and spirit.

Stress causes a disruption in our energy field and chronic stress is the underlying cause of disease. Through clearing and balancing our energy field, we can reduce the impact that stress has on our body.

During an Angel Medicine Healing, your energy field will be cleared and re-aligned to ensure everything is in balance and harmony. This allows your life force energy to flow freely through your body and support vibrant health and well-being. Freeing you to be the highest expression of your authentic self.

When our energy field is clear and balanced, we are able to access greater insight and wisdom, make healthy decisions easier and feel more calm and confident. This improves our health and vitality, lifts our mood and raises our vibration, allowing us to have more compassion and love for ourselves and for others.

What You Can Expect from an Angel Medicine Healing

During an Angel Medicine Healing, I use the amplifying power of crystals to energetically shift your vibration and release any dense or stuck energy you may be holding in your body. I support this with the use of vibrational essences of shells, flowers and the archangels as well as colour, sound and the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

The energetic healing occurs first in your Ketheric Template or the outer layer of your aura (or energy body). This then filters through your energy system and is integrated into your physical body. The free flow of life force energy through your body, supports your body’s natural healing abilities. This raises your energetic vibration allowing you to attract more positive, healthy experiences into your life.

Each Angel Medicine Healing session is unique and individualised to your specific needs. I tune into your energy and your needs, and bring forward the energetics of whatever will provide the most benefit for you on the day.

So if you are looking to feel relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated, or if you want to work on deeper emotional and personal issues, I can tailor a session to meet your needs.

087COLAfter a session, you generally feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Most people report feeling very peaceful afterwards, clear-headed, less stressed and are able to make decisions easier. Sleep is often improved too. Responses however vary and I’d love to hear feedback about your personal experience.

Because I’m working with energy and the spiritual realm, Angel Medicine Healing sessions can be done remotely / distantly. You don’t need to physically be with me to receive the beautiful healing power and benefits of a session. The energy is just as powerful and reaches you wherever you are in the world. After the session I send you a report via email with any messages I receive during the healing.  

A session generally takes about one and a half to two hours. I can schedule this for a time when you are in a relaxed mood or sleeping, or if that’s not possible, I can ask that you receive the energies at a time when it is best for you. That’s the beauty of working with energy!


Purchase an Angel Medicine Healing session

Cost: Angel Medicine Healing AU $275.00 

An Angel Medicine Healing session includes an Angel Card Reading and a channelled personalised Angel message for you. This session is provided from a distance (remotely) and I will email you a report afterwards. 

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Payment can be made prior to the session via PayPal or Bank Transfer (details available upon request).

If you resonate with me and my message and feel we are a good match, please contact me to arrange an appointment time. If you’d like to discuss your specific needs or if you have any questions about my services, I’d love to hear from you. You can use the contact form below or email me at 

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The Fine Print

All Angel Medicine Healing sessions are to be paid for prior to the session. No refunds are available. I require at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule an appointment.

Angel Medicine Healing sessions are not a substitute for medical, financial or legal advice. I accept no responsibility for actions you take as a result of my sessions. All client information is kept private and confidential. No information is passed on to third parties.