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Finding My Passion

What’s your Passion?

Have you found your passion?

We can have many passions in life. It doesn’t have to be just one thing. Nor does it have to be income producing. It doesn’t have to be your job. It can be a hobby, an activity or a calling. It can be a part of your life, like cooking or caring for your family. It may be volunteering at the local animal rescue compound. Whatever it is for you, it is something you love doing. And when you’re doing it, time seems to fly without you noticing it. 

Are you still looking for your passion? Or are you living it and don’t realise?

After years of being stuck in a rut going through the motions of life without joy or passion, I found the courage to shed many activities, responsibilities and even friendships that were no longer serving me. When I turned my life around, I had to start afresh. I needed strength to rebuild relationships and I needed time to find activities to light me up. Things that once interested me, no longer did it for me. They felt like a burden rather than fun and fulfilling. I needed to once again find my passion.  

During a meditation one day when I was feeling stuck, going nowhere but with a strong desire to contribute to the lives of others, I asked my angels “What is my next step?” The answer I received was unexpected and confusing. “Buy a camera.”  I’d wanted to buy a ‘proper’ camera, a DSLR for a long time but always found an excuse to not spend the money. And apart from that, I didn’t know what to look for in a camera. The world of photography was foreign to me and I didn’t speak the same language. I didn’t understand the message. Why would I need to buy a camera? How could I justify the extravagance? I also didn’t trust that I got the message right. So I didn’t act on it. But the thought kept niggling at me like an itch that needed scratching. I spoke to my husband about it and we both decided it wasn’t a priority at the time.

A few months later he noticed an online special for a camera. A red hot deal for $99. It was a point and shoot camera but I had to start somewhere. The price was good, so I started investigating the specs. The megapixels. The zoom. The added features. It looked like a good deal to me. While I was still doing my online research to make sure it was a decent camera and a good price, my husband was already entering his credit card details. He’s not a procrastinating perfectionist like me. The camera arrived a few days later just before my nephew’s wedding. I was excited to start practicing with my new toy.


A month later, I signed up for a photography class with my local U3A and joined their Snappers photography group. I wanted to get the most out of my camera. Members of the group had a variety of cameras, ranging from small point and shoots to DSLRs. My camera was in between. It was a top end of the point and shoots at that time and it had some features that you’d normally only find on a DSLR. Step by step, I started to learn the language of photography. I realised my husband had snapped up a great deal on the camera he’d bought, while I was still procrastinating. Cameras with similar specs and functionality were about three times the price we paid.

I started going on photo shoots with the U3A group and learning from fellow members. I was hooked. I soon wanted a better camera. I needed a DSLR. I spent a few months investigating the best camera for me. It seemed the best brands were either Canon or Nikon? Intuitively I felt more comfortable with a Canon, so I started there. There were so many models. I narrowed my search down to three then went into shops and played with them until I decided which one felt right. I found a great deal and became a proud owner of a Canon 70D. Once I had the camera, I wanted different lenses. And filters. And high speed memory cards. And a spare battery. And… I had to stop somewhere. There are still a few accessories I’d like but I can wait for them. I soon realised there is always something else you want to buy to support a hobby like photography. Something better. Something extra. You always have a wish list. I also realised that you don’t need all those extras to take good photos. Like everything in life, you need to start where you are. So for now, I’m happy to keep my trainer wheels on and learn how to best use what I’ve got. Having the most extensive or expensive gear doesn’t make you the best photographer.


I have a passion for photography

It’s been just over a year since I bought my first DSLR camera. I enjoy taking photos and sharing my pics with others so they too can enjoy them. My photography is simple. I love capturing the beauty of nature. Flowers. Landscapes and Seascapes. Things with wings – birds, butterflies and dragonflies. But I don’t neglect people. I also like doing family shoots and capturing each person’s individual personality or nature.

I have ignited my passion by finding photography. I’m pleased I listened to the message I received from my angels during that meditation, even if it took me a little while to act on it. I hope you enjoy my photos.

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Sending you my love