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Flower Therapy

Flower Therapy

Could you do with some flower therapy today? Bougainvillea AA 091

Are you struggling with something in your life right now?

Don’t know which choice to make? 

Is there something in your life that you want clarity on?

Then this Flower Therapy reading is for you. There is no mistake that you are reading this message today, whenever today is, as the date it was written is not important. It is encoded with the energy of the answer, so whenever you are reading this, is the right time for you.

The messages are always relevant. If they at first don’t seem to answer your question, please revisit your question from a different angle and look within to find what is underneath your question. What is the true meaning of your question? As an example, you may ask ‘should I leave my current job?’ But what is underneath the asking of this question may be your dissatisfaction with your love relationship which you know has come to an end but you are afraid to walk away. The cards won’t give you a yes or no answer about leaving your job. You already know the answer to that question, you are just afraid or unwilling to accept what you intuitively know. The cards will give you a more meaningful message that addresses your real question. It’s up to you to decide whether you are willing or ready to listen to the guidance. 

Today’s reading is from the Flower Therapy Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves. I love these cards as they combine two of my favourite things – angels and flowers. As the authors of these oracle cards say, flowers are Mother Nature’s way of providing us with beautiful displays of unconditional love. I couldn’t agree more.

First think of your question. Get as clear as you can about this – what are you seeking clarity on in your life?

I am using the three card spread to provide deeper answers to your question.

The first message representing the immediate past in regards to your (real) question is from Bougainvillea, and is SHIELD YOURSELF. Invoke protection to bring this situation to a speedy end.

Bouganvillea AA 094Many of us may be surrounded by negative emotional energy from others. You know those people who complain all the time, gossip about others, get caught up in the dramas of life or are always seeing the worst in every situation. We all have some of these people in our lives, maybe they are friends, family members or work colleagues.

Although we can’t force others to change, we can prevent their energy and emotions from affecting us. By displaying a loving outlook, we can inspire others to do the same. By looking past the drama of the situation or person, we can maintain a sense of peace and calm. If you find yourself caught up in someone else’s drama or you are experiencing your own life challenges, take a moment and say to yourself ‘I know that you are love.’ Repeat this at least three times, and as often as you like, and you will feel the energy around the situation shift, bringing you back into balance and a more loving and peaceful space.

You can shield yourself by imagining a bright light all around you, cocooning you and protecting you from negative energy or emotions. This light can be any colour that comes to mind, pink for love, blue or green for soothing and calming, or white for protection. The colour doesn’t matter, use whatever feels right for you. If you don’t know what colour is best for you, just guess what you think it may be, or use white light. Imagine that only loving energy can penetrate this shield from both directions and any negative or lower vibrating energy that you may have absorbed in your body can be released but this is a one way street – lower vibrating energy or emotions can not move in, only out. Your angels and nature spirits are standing beside you to ensure your shield is intact. Feel the protective energy of bougainvillea wrap around you, keeping you safe. Remember to imagine this shield around you every day. You can do this visualisation before you get out of bed each morning, or after your morning shower.

The second message representing your question’s current status and what you need to know to work on right now is from Eucalyptus, and is OPEN YOUR ARMS TO RECEIVING. You’ve prayed for help; now be open to accepting it.

There are no special rewards for completing a task on your own. ‘It’s okay. I can do it.’ How often do these words come out of your mouth? Many of us have trouble accepting help from others. We resist offers of help for a variety of reasons – we think we should do it all on our own, or we don’t want to ‘bother’ others with our burdens. Consider how you feel when you help others in a way that may seem minor to you but makes a big difference to the other person. When our help is received and appreciated by others,  our mood is elevated. It feels good to give. By resisting assistance from others, we are denying others the opportunity for them to feel good about making a difference to our day.

It’s the same in the Spirit world. Asking our angels for guided assistance is only one part of manifesting a miracle. The second part involves our being able to accept the blessings that the angels bring. We need to let our angels know that we are open to receiving all the blessings they have for us. We do this by allowing them to help us and graciously receiving all that they offer. We can send a prayer to our angels ‘Thank you for your constant and unconditional support. I am willing to receive all of the love, guidance and healing that you have for me. Please shower me with your gifts and blessings as I am now ready to receive my miracles.’

Our angels are waiting for us to ask for their assistance. They don’t intervene unless we ask, so remember to ask for what you want. You’re in the process of attracting amazing opportunities.

The third and final message represents your immediate future if you continue on your present path and follow the guidance of the last card. You can always improve your future by holding a positive outlook and following your own inner guidance. This last message from Hibiscus is UNITY. You’re spiritually connected to everyone through God /Universe / Spirit / Source (substitute whatever name you resonate most with). Use this sacred bond to heal your family, friends and yourself.

In spiritual truth, you are never alone. In every moment you have a divine connection to Spirit and to every living thing. Your energy is entwined with that of all others. So as you elevate your energy and heal, everyone else is positively influenced. The greatest gift you can give to others is to raise your own vibration or energy – to heal yourself first. When you heal yourself, you heal those around you. Likewise, when you give healing prayers to others, you’re sending loving healing wishes to yourself as well.

Look at the bigger picture of this situation without feeling selfish for taking time for you. You have the ability to change your surroundings. Others may bring greater power to your work.

This card may also mean that your current situation involves more than just yourself. Look at the people with whom you are connected, tune into their energy and notice if they’re playing a direct part in your present situation. You can heal this situation by focussing either on them or on yourself – either way will render the same results.

Enjoy the happiness and peace that comes from working with this divine principle of unity, and know that you are never alone.

 All photos by Kaye Hazel


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